Recruitment is a fast-moving dynamic business, but this isn’t always such a good thing for you, it’s easy to lose out on the best available talent.  It can result in a fast and furious process which, at its best, fills roles through a ‘numbers’ strategy rather than a highly targeted process with optimal reach.

At PCC, we work on fewer vacancies than most  executive search agencies, with the aim of filling every vacancy we take on.  This is a different model from the majority of executive search agencies, which aim to deliver a mass of activity across larger numbers of vacancies, this can deliver a comparably low success rate.

Our executive search process is unique and and has been fine tuned over the last two decades. We have found our ability to attract and secure passive candidates, who aren’t always freely available in the recruitment market, in addition to constantly building networks in our specialist industries have been the key to our consistent success.

We believe that integrity and reputation capital are everything.  Consequently, we invest everything we can in the task to get the best possible results.  We want you not only to use us again, but to shout about us to others so they will too, and we know to achieve this we need to delight you with our work.  Have a look at what our clients say about us in our testimonials.

We are convinced in a one-hour meeting we can show you how recruitment is often sub optimal, and how we can help you use this to your competitive advantage.


We operate across all senior management and executive roles.  For example, General Managers, Sales Directors, Marketing Directors, Commercial Directors, Medical, Regulatory, finance and  HR Directors, Sales and Marketing roles.

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