Have you ever been for a role you knew you would be a great fit for, but not felt you were able to get your full potential across at interview?  If the answer is yes, you are really not alone.

The truth is, beyond an initial selection phase, the vast majority of people chosen to progress could do an excellent job.  Ultimately, hiring is often based upon small margins between candidates where thorough and optimal preparation will often determine the result.

We believe it’s in everyone’s interest for you to show a company your full potential at interview.  It gives you the chance to secure the role you want but avoids a company overlooking someone who could be the best possible hire for their business.

At PCC, we choose to handle fewer roles than most agencies, focusing only on the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Healthcare sectors and rely on filling a much higher proportion in order to make our model work.  There are many aspects to this, but a key one is we spend more time with our candidates to ensure they really do get their full potential across to their future employer.

As an consultancy, we have been operating in this market for over nineteen years.  Individually we are not only highly experienced recruiters but have also spent many years as hiring managers inside the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.  This gives us the perspective we need to optimise your strategy as a candidate in securing the right role.